Santa Family Reunion
     Gatlinburg Convention Center
    March 14th-18th 2019

Smoky Mountain Children's Home in Sevierville, TN
 is our 2019 Chosen Charity

                Swap, Shop, Share! 

                                      Thursday March 14th
10:00am-12:00pm & 1:00pm-3:00pm Swap, Shop & Share- Mrs. Claus/Elves -  Ballroom C 
(No Vendors)

10:00am-12:00pm & 1:00pm-3:00pm Swap, Shop & Share - Santa/Elves  - Ballroom D 

(No Vendors)

Santa Family Reunion is excited to offer this new element to our convention!   We know this will be a wonderful opportunity for established members of the Santa Community as well as new members just starting their journey as Santa, Mrs. Claus or Elves

Sometimes our fashion style changes with what we originally start out wearing and sometimes as we add to our fashion outfits we end up with too much stuff to fit in our closets!! 

Some of the best ideas are learned through sharing with one another at conventions!  No matter how "seasoned" you are as a Santa, Mrs. Claus or Elf, you can always learn something new.  Join in sharing with each other at Santa Family Reunion! 

                  Bring your used items to Swap, Shop, Share and join in the fun!

Please read rules below.  A monitor will be in each room at all times making sure rules are adhered to as well as helping in any way needed.

Rules for Swap and Shop

A.     Each item must be Santa/Mrs. Claus/Elf or Christmas related.
B.     All items must be USED and in good condition . No stains, tears, missing buttons, etc. 

C.      Please bag small items in clear ziplock bags for ease in handling.
D.     NO NEW ITEMS/MERCHANDISE ALLOWED (that is why we have vendors)

E.      NO CRAFT ITEMS you make to sell in duplicate (would be vendor items)
F.     All items must be individually tagged with Name, Phone number and Cost ($).  Please print legibly.  Please price your items only in dollar amount. (example……$10…..not $10.50)
G.    You are responsible for your own items, selling and collecting your money.

H.     A monitor will be overseeing each room. * Volunteers may be available to assist where needed.
Rules for Share – (no money exchanged – just ideas)
A.     Items or ideas you are sharing must be something you have made or used to enhance your portrayal of Santa/Mrs. Claus.  (Example:  a story, technique or prop that you think others would like to know about and you would like to share.)
B.     Items shared cannot be a commercial item that a vendor is selling or that you sell on the side.  You may not “sell” your idea or item…..just share.