Santa Family Reunion
     Gatlinburg Convention Center
    March 14th-18th 2019

Pictures by Shannon Settles
Smoky Mountain Children's Home in Sevierville, TN
 is our 2019 Chosen Charity
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FashionShow ~ Workshop
In 2017, we introduced a new concept to the Fashion Show Event at Santa Family Reunion. IT WAS A HIT!!  We had RAVE REVIEWS!!  Knowledgeable Workshop Speakers were interspersed with fashion participants to present informative material to help Santa and Mrs. Claus be better prepared for their seasons!   ALL of this plus a WONDERFUL Buffet Lunch in the middle made for a FANTASTIC Santa Family Day!!

Fashion Participants were introduced with a little bit about their fashion.   After these introductions, the participants went out into the audience so that folks were able talk to them personally and ask questions about their fashions.  The show participants answered typical questions about their outfits, such as where they got the outfit, types of fabrics, etc. and also moved around the room so more folks got a chance to chat with them.  The audience had pen & paper on each table so that they were able make notes on their questions.  This “show & tell” section will last approximately 30 minutes (depending on number of entrants) and then we will move to the next category.  There is NO voting, NO awards…..just a great opportunity for folks to get an up close look and ask questions. After receiving your application, you will be contacted BY Trish P. and asked to forward a color photo of your outfit (clearly marked with your name).   We will have a limited amount that we can present and we will try and present as many different fashions as possible to cover as much variety as possible.

Trish Parris will be accepting the Fashion Show Entrants as well as Presenting the Fashion Show portion of this event.  Please use the form below to submit your entry for consideration. Please submit your entries early as it takes a lot of time to coordinate this event! 

If you have any questions regarding the Fashion Show regarding your entry, please feel free to contact Trish.
She can be reached by e-mail at:

Lou and Loretta Knezevich will be accepting the Workshop Presenter Entrants as well as introducing them for the workshop segments.  A limited number of workshops will be presented during this time. To be considered, please submit your information to them by e-mail:  
Lou Knezevich  contact at:
Loretta Knezevich can be contacted at:

Name First and Last
City and State OR Country, City/Territory
Please provide a SHORT description of your outfit (less than 5 sentences). Keep it simple. (You will be talking at tables about outfit)
E-Mail (main way of connecting with questions, updates, etc.)
Phone # (cell please in case we need to reach you when in Gatlinburg as well)
# of years experience?
In one sentence, please tell what is the best feature of your chosen outfit ?
Who Created your Outfit?